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Searching the Canadian Register

Finding a historic place is easy!

Searching by name or keyword:

To the right, you can enter a keyword or search term. If you do not receive a correct search result, the place may not yet be listed on the Canadian Register; the place may be listed under a different name; the name of the place may be misspelled.

Searching by location:

Enter the name of the place, province or even the first three letters of the postal code in the appropriate box.

Searching by building type or use:

Choose a building group use, and then a specific building use to find a specific type of historic place.

Search tips:

You don't need to fill in all the search boxes - only those that you want to search on. The fewer fields that you complete, the more results you will get. If you enter more than one word, the words will need to be next to each other AND in the correct order for a result to be returned. For example, to find 'Cedar Hill School' you will need to enter 'Cedar Hill' and not 'Cedar School'. It is not possible to use wildcard symbols or Boolean logic (e.g. ' And ', ' & ' or ' + '). Typing only the first few letters of a word will return a result, e.g. 'parl' will find 'parlour'.

Remember, the Canadian Register of Historic Places is a work in progress. Currently, the Canadian Register of Historic Places contains over 12,300 historic places. Eventually, the Register will contain more than 17,000 listings of Canada's recognized historic places.


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