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Frequently Asked Questions

I want to know more about a historic place: its history, architectural style, the construction methods used, location, etc.?

Once you find the historic place, select the Statement of Significance drop-down ink. The full listing, including a description of the heritage value and the character-defining elements for the historic place, will be displayed.

I found an error in a listing. The name of the architect, a specific date, the geographic location or the address is incorrect. What can I do?

Please provide full details including the name of the place, the address and the designation authority and indicate what information is incorrect and send this information by email.

For example :
Name of historic place: Maison Louis S. St-Laurent
City/Town/Township/Village and Province/Territory: Quebec, Quebec
Jurisdictional recognition/nomination: Federal

I would like to provide a photograph for a historic place, or add or update some information. Who should I contact?

Please email the photograph or the updated information. Be sure to clearly identify the historic place concerned by giving its name in full, the province/territory, its location and the jurisdiction.

Do copyright rules apply to the listings on the Canadian Register of Historic Places? Can I use photographs from the Register?

Photographs posted on the CRHP by the Canadian Registrar respect the Canadian Register of Historic Places Copyright Statement. We ask that you kindly follow the instructions contained in the Statement for each CRHP photograph you use.

CRHP images are available solely for personal, educational and non-commercial public use. When you use an image, you are required to indicate its source by providing the following information: copyright owner or institutional owner, the name of the photographer (if known) and the year the original photograph was taken. You should identify the Canadian Register of Historic Places as the source of images derived from the Register and Canada's Historic Places Web site.

I know a place that should be listed on the Canadian Register of Historic Places - what can I do?

To be included on the Canadian Register of Historic Places, a historic place must already be formally recognized by the federal, provincial, territorial or municipal government.

How can I find out if a place is formally recognized?

Your provincial or territorial registrar can tell you whether the place has been formally recognized. Consult our partners page to find your local registrar.

Who can help me with questions about maintaining or renovating my property?

We are unable to provide specific conservation advice. Please refer to the Standards and Guidelines for the Conservation of Historic Places in Canada for recommendations. We also suggest you speak to a professional in your province or territory. A good place to begin your search for a qualified conservation expert is the professional association representing the expertise for which you are seeking advice (architecture, engineering, landscape architecture, archaeology, etc.) or the Canadian Association of Professional Heritage Consultants.

I couldn't find the place that I was searching for on the Register? Why not?

The place may not have been listed on the Canadian Register yet. The Canadian Register of Historic Places is a work in progress, therefore not all historic places in Canada can currently be found. Eventually, the Register will contain more than 17,000 listings of Canada's recognized historic places. Try these search tips:

  • Confirm the spelling of the place.
  • Try a different name. Sometimes a place is registered under a different name than the one it's commonly known by.
  • Fill in fewer search boxes. The fewer fields that you complete, the more results you will get.
  • Enter fewer words. If you enter more than one word, the words will need to be next to each other AND in the correct order for a result to be returned. For example, to find 'Cedar Hill School' you will need to enter 'Cedar Hill' and not 'Cedar School'.
  • Type only the first few letters of a word. This will return more results. For example, searching for 'parl' will bring up 'parlour'.
  • It is not possible to use wildcard symbols or Boolean logic, such as "and", "&" or "+".

How can I get more information?

For more information about the Canadian Register of Historic Places, please email us.


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