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Willoughby Township Hall

11211, Sodom Road, Niagara Falls, Ontario, L2E, Canada

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Willoughby Township Hall, located on Sodom Road in Niagara Falls.; City of Niagara Falls
Willoughby Township Hall
Willoughby Township Hall, built in 1877.; City of Niagara Falls
Willoughby Township Hall
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Willoughby Township Hall is a small one-storey building that represents the type of rural public building common in late nineteenth century Ontario. Situated at 11211 Sodom Road in the former Township of Willoughby, now Niagara Falls, the Willoughby Township Hall is a simplified example of Classical Revival styling.

The building was designated for its heritage value via By-law 96243.

Valeur patrimoniale

The Willoughby Township Hall is a representation of the last vestige of the former rural Township of Willoughby, now lost to amalgamation with Niagara Falls. Settled primarily by disbanded Butlers' Rangers, the township was in existence since c.1787, enduring the War of 1812, the Rebellion of 1837 and the Fenian Raid of 1866, all of which resulted in much controversy over ownership of Willoughby Township lands.

Decisions regarding the welfare of the township's residents were made by a local political body, and this building was erected in 1877 to provide a permanent location for political meetings, which had previously occurred in local inns and taverns or in the homes of the reeve or councillors. The Township Hall gave birth to community organizations and functions, including church social programs, concerts and exhibitions and has been the site of considerable political, social and cultural activity for many years. When the Township of Willoughby amalgamated with Niagara Falls in 1970, the hall became a community centre and remains as tangible evidence of the community pride and spirit which developed around this agricultural settlement.

The hall's architecture is a reflection of a simplified Classical Revival styling, reminiscent of the type of rural public buildings found in late nineteenth century Ontario. Standing at one storey in height, the clapboard building has been covered with asbestos siding. Its simplistic architecture is valued for its reminder of a simple time, creating an authentic atmosphere.

Sources: Schedule B to Bylaw 96243: Willoughby Township Hall, Planning and Development, City of Niagara Falls; Willoughby Township Hall, Municipal Register of Heritage Properties, City of Niagara Falls.

Éléments caractéristiques

Character defining elements that reflect the heritage value of Willoughby Township Hall include its:
- simplified version of Classical Revival styling with wood clapboard siding (beneath the current cladding) and round headed window frames
- symmetrical placement of the door and window openings of the front facade
- round headed sashes with four over four panes
- simple gable roof
- one storey construction
- location in the early settlement area of the former Willoughby Township
- siting on the lot, close to the road providing easy access




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David Morningstar

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Planning and Development 4310 Queen Street City of Niagara Falls L2E 6X5

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