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Voelker House

36, Young Street W., Waterloo, Ontario, N2L, Canada

Reconnu formellement en: 1977/08/29

This image captures the south façade of 36 Young Street West, 2007.; Kayla Jonas, 2007.
South Façade – 36 Young Street West
This image provides a side view of the house and features a rectangular bay window, 2007.; Lindsay Benjamin, 2007.
South and West Elevations-36 Young Street West
This image captures the symmetry of the windows on this Gothic House, 2007.; Lindsay Benjamin, 2007.
Fountain/Young St. Intersection-36 Young St. W.

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Voelker House
36 Young Street West

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Inscrit au répertoire canadien: 2008/11/25

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Description du lieu patrimonial

The Voelker House, located at 36 Young Street West, is situated on the northeast corner of Albert and Young Streets, in the City of Waterloo. This two-storey brick building was designed in the Victorian Gothic style and was constructed, in 1849, by Barnabus Devitt.

The property was designated for its heritage value, by the City of Waterloo, under Part IV of the Ontario Heritage Act, By-law 77-161.

Valeur patrimoniale

The Voelker House is a reflection of the changing architectural ideals of many past eras. It is associated with the Voelker family and the work they undertook to restore the home to its original condition. The house was constructed, in 1849, by Barnabus Devitt. Around the beginning of Queen Victoria's reign, a new era of romance was replacing the rigidity of Georgian times and this change was exemplified by combining various styles and traditions, many of which mirrored that of Greek and Roman cultures. The Voelker House showcases influences from this time period, as seen by the columns that flank the front porch. By the mid-19th century, architects were experimenting with the combination of different influences which became known as the Picturesque/Romantic period or early Victorian era.

By the time Dr. Philip Voelker purchased 36 Young Street West in 1940, the original farm house was in bad repair. With help from his brother, Dr. Voelker restored the home in order to maintain its historical character. As a result of their restoration efforts, the Voelker House has been recognized as a heritage landmark, in the City of Waterloo.

Sources: City of Waterloo By-law 77-161.;Historical and Architectural Résumé, June 6 1977.

Éléments caractéristiques

Character defining elements that contribute to the heritage value of the Voelker House include its:
- architectural features as influenced by the Georgian, Classic and Gothic Periods
- location on the northeast corner of Albert and Young Streets in Uptown Waterloo
- columns of the front porch
- size and massing contributing to its landmark status




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Administrations locales (Ont.)

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Loi sur le patrimoine de l'Ontario

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Désignation du patrimoine municipal (partie IV)

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1977/01/01 à 1977/01/01

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Un territoire à peupler
Les établissements

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Barnabus Devitt

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City of Waterloo 100 Regina Street S. Waterloo ON N2J 4A8

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