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Strawberry Vale Schoolhouse

1351 Hastings Street, Saanich, British Columbia

The Strawberry Vale Schoolhouse is a one-storey wood-frame building, at the corner of Hastings Street and Rosedale Avenue, in the Carey area of Saanich.

Stranton Lodge

1248 Burnside Road West, Saanich, British Columbia

Stranton Lodge is a British Arts and Crafts house, situated on a rocky outcrop, fronted by a terraced woodland rock garden, behind which lies a forested public trail, Knockan Hill…

Wilkinson Road Jail

4216 Wilkinson Road, Saanich, British Columbia

The Wilkinson Road Jail is an Edwardian era brick-clad reinforced concrete building situated on a manicured, 10 hectare property surrounded by a low stone wall, located in a…

Saanich War Memorial Health Centre

4353 West Saanich Road, Saanich, British Columbia

The Saanich War Memorial Health Centre is a two-storey Craftsman style building, located in the Royal Oak area of Saanich.

Wilkinson Road Methodist Church

4274 Wilkinson Road, Saanich, British Columbia

The Wilkinson Road Methodist Church is a cross-gabled wood-frame British Arts and Crafts church situated in the Strawberry Vale area of Saanich.

High Oaks Farm

4051 Granville Avenue, Saanich, British Columbia

High Oaks Farm is comprised of a farmhouse, a large barn, and other outbuildings. The house is a two-storey vernacular wood frame farmhouse, with a stuccoed exterior and front…

Hill Farm

4040 Wilkinson Road, Saanich, British Columbia

Hill Farm is a large two-storey British Arts and Crafts house with Tudor Revival details and an irregular facade with three prominent gables. It is set back from Wilkinson Road…



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