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Canada’s Historic Places

The Canadian Register of Historic Places (CRHP) is Canada's definitive source of information on historic places. Here you can not only learn about more than 12,500 historic places, you can also find useful conservation tools, such as the Standards and Guidelines for the Conservation of Historic Places in Canada - a benchmark guide for the conservation of historic resources.

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Federal, Provincial and Territorial governments recognize the contribution historic places make to our communities. Since 2001, they have worked together to develop the CRHP.



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Christmas Markets in Historic Places

greyarrow Vancouver's Xmas Market
Queen Elizabeth Plaza



Canada's Historic Places


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View showing the cairn and sign.

Lot Four Block Four

Front elevation of Lot Four Block Four, 2007.

Corner view of the Halfway Hut showing the use of natural, local materials consistent with the principles of rustic architecture such as the horizontally laid peeled log construction, boulder foundation, and wood shingle roof.

Halfway Hut

Corner View

Photo of Mont Farlagne taken from the Trans-Canada Highway

Mont Farlagne

Mont Farlagne

Maison John-Snow

Maison John-Snow

Vue latérale